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How to Find a Reputable Lawn Irrigation Contractor in Charleston, SC

A good irrigation system should water your lawn in a uniform way and not suffer from any runoff. However, even the best designs will not work properly when they are installed incorrectly or use inferior components.

Sprinkler System InstallationThis is why we, at Don Spellman Inc Irrigation & Lighting at Charleston, SC, have provided a few basic guidelines for people living outside of our area to choose a professional lawn irrigation contractor.

Contact your local BBB to find any irrigation contractors locally that understand your climates needs. Make sure to check out their reviews to find out how long each contractor has been in business for, customer reviews, and any history of complaints, if so, how they were they resolved?

Make sure you ask for current references and call each one to find out if their systems were on budget and within the specified timeframe. Ask if you can physically see their irrigation system, to see what state their landscape was left in. Make sure every contractor is fully licensed, insured, and certified. And do they have workers’ compensation insurance in place?

Can each contractor offer more than one design with prices included for materials and installation? Before any excavation starts, is the contractor going to perform any research to find out is there are any utility lines buried on your property? Will they test the water pressure to make sure the right system is installed? Will they program your irrigation system with multiple cycles to meet your needs? Can they provide after sale service, like maintenance, repairs, etc?

Are they going to show you how to use the system? Are their work and materials fully-  guaranteed?  A year warranty is standard in these cases. Will the contractor give you a written contract? If not, then insist they do, it will need to include materials and work provided. Before you commit to anything, carefully read the contract and make sure any verbal agreements are included also.

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